The Tax Working Group’s public consultation has drawn to a close with 6,700 submissions received on the future of tax.

Group chairman Sir Michael Cullen says these views will help inform the interim report to Ministers due in September.

“I would like to thank the New Zealand public for taking part in the process and assure everyone that all submissions will be carefully considered.

“Submissions range from the very brief to the very detailed but it’s heartening to see so many people feel strongly about our future tax system.”

In addition to written submissions, around 16,000 votes were received on the quick polls on the Tax Working Group website.

The polls are not scientific but revealed the majority of respondents think the tax system needs major changes to be ready for the future.

Respondents are split on whether we currently tax the right things and on whether taxes can improve housing affordability.

The prospect of a capital gains tax tops the chart of important tax issues followed by funding retirement and protecting the environment.

The full results are on the Tax Working Group website.

Sir Michael says the Group continues to meet fortnightly and is focused on producing draft recommendations for the interim report for September.

“Along with public submissions, we are also receiving advice from officials in the Treasury and Inland Revenue.

“It’s our intention to regularly publish officials’ papers on the website as well as public submissions once they have all been collated, with the first release likely to be later this week.”

Officials’ papers contain the preliminary views of the Secretariat and do not necessarily match those of the Group members.

Those wanting to be alerted when new papers are published should sign up for updates on the Tax Working Group website. Sign up for updates here.

Last updated: 
Tuesday, 1 May 2018