Quick Poll results

What does the future of tax look like to you?


No changes: Keep it as it is


Some small changes needed


Major changes needed


A complete overhaul


Something else




What is the purpose of tax?


Stay in the background


Encourage New Zealanders to make better choices


Encourage investment in some types of Business


Support those in NZ who need help


Something else




Are we taxing the right things?


Absolutely not


A few things




Most things


Yes we are taxing the right things




Can tax make housing more affordable?


No - its not the responsibility of the tax system


Yes - help make housing more affordable




Yes, but I'm not sure how


Yes , I have another idea




What tax issues matter most to you?


Funding retirement


Business tax 


Protecting the environment


Introducing a CGT on investments which aren't currently taxed  


Something else


Last updated: 
Tuesday, 1 May 2018